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Cat Friendly

Feloo's origami-inspired products have been designed first and foremost for your cat (so it can go round and round) and to look good in your home but made out of your cat’s favorite thing, cardboard. This new material is lined and water resistant like a coffee cup and both trays, lids and scoops are lined.

Eco Friendly

The Cube Natural Range is made in Britain so no air miles, is easy to self assemble, uses environmentally friendly inks, comes flatpacked in biodegradable branded bags and unpackaged in bulk for vet’s practices, catteries and rescue centres  The trays and lid can be recycled and the sleeping pods can be composted

Owner Friendly

No cleaning of trays especially in bathtubs or sinks for person that doesnʼt have outdoor tap (which is normally only cold water anyway, not hot water) but it can be refreshed if needed and wiped with disinfectant/cleaner.Trays can last up to 4 weeks, depending on use. Keep the lid and get more trays.

Some Suggested Uses for FELOO Toilets and Trays!

Pregnant mothers, someone who is ill or whose immune is suppressed (one buyer is on chemotherapy) and you want as little contact with soiled material as possible

If you take your  cats with you for visits (like local a local vet nurse) and leaves trays at the parents' house

Kittens until they are old enough to go outside.

If you normally don't use trays but need the occasional  tray when you may have to keep you cat in because the cat doesn't want to or can't go out.

Before or after Vet treatment when the cat has to be kept indoors for a short time but you donʼt want a plastic tray

The elderly person who has trouble cleaning out trays but love their cat for company!!

 When having friends look after your cat when you are away.

You have an elderly cat, as the trays are easy for them to get in and out of!

Simply because you don’t have the time (or desire) to clean out the those messy plastic trays!! And because Feloo cares about the environment, the lined products can be recycled, while the unlined products can be composted.

Feloo's Cat Litter Trays Are Excellent for hygiene and that means controlling of disease rather than trying to clean and disinfect a scratched plastic cat litter tray!


Feloo supports Battersea Dog and Cats Home by donating Sleeping pods to use in their cattery!  Feloo also supports The Mayhew Home by

If you can give a home to a cat please visit: OR